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Summer Shred Program

Sculpt Your Summer Body with Expert Guidance and Unlimited Fitness Access

Transform Your Summer: Join the NXTGEN MedSpa & TURN Cycling Studio 8-Week Summer Shred Program

Unleash your potential with our exclusive 8-Week Summer Shred Program, starting June 1st! With only 15 spots available, secure your place today for just $1500 ($25/day) and embark on a transformative journey.

INCLUDES 8 WEEKS OF MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS TREATMENT (Tirzepatide + Lipotropic B-12) + TURN Studio Access



June 15th


TURN Cycling Studio & NxtGen Bodies






or $25/DAY

Program Perks

  1. Unlimited TURN Studio Access: Enjoy a variety of fitness classes, including Yoga, Cycling, and Strength Training, available 7 days a week for all fitness levels.
  2. Comprehensive InBody Scan: Track your progress with our state-of-the-art body composition analysis.
  3. Medical Insight & Support: Receive blood work analysis, customized medical weight loss solutions, and complimentary Lipotropic B-12 shots for a metabolism and energy boost.
  4. Nutritional Guidance: Access healthy recipes and personalized nutritional advice.
  5. Bi-weekly Check-ins: Stay motivated with regular progress check-ins and goal-setting sessions.
  6. Q&A Sessions: Gain insights and advice from experienced fitness and wellness professionals.
  7. Community Engagement: Join our exclusive Facebook group for support, tips, and encouragement.
  8. Smart Watch: Provided to track activity.

Winner Prizes for Top 6

Join the Ultimate Summer Shred Challenge and Win Big! Compete for amazing prizes, including free medical weight loss treatments and NXTGEN Bodies MD gift cards. Transform your body, stay motivated, and achieve your fitness goals in just 8 weeks!

1st: Two months of Medical Weight Loss Treatment Free
2nd: One Month Of Medical Weight Loss Free
3rd: $150 NXTGEN Bodies MD Gift Card
4th: $100 NXTGEN Bodies MD Gift Card
5th: $50 NXTGEN Bodies MD Gift Card
6th: $50 NXTGEN Bodies MD Gift Card

Incentive Bonus: Weekly Challenge

  • $200 Back for Completing Every Challenge
  • Progress WhiteBoard: Track progress visually.
Weekly Challenges
Workout Challenge: 3 workouts per week
Step Challenge: 10k steps per day
Bonus Challenge: Check-in at TURN 6 times a week

Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction: A No Risk Promise.

At NXTGEN Bodies MD MedSpa & Wellness, we’re committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Our expert coaches work diligently to provide you with a tailored experience, starting with your initial consultation. If you are not satisfied within the first 5 days, we will refund your full amount—no questions asked.

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